PMACOn the 27th and 29th of July, theater goers at the Experimental Theater of the Paul Mellon Art Center, witnessed the premiere staged readings of Ben Firke's latest comedy, "Bang!"

The company did an excellent job of bringing across the teen playwright's taut vision of two young, embattled artists. Joe and Paul create quite a bang when they cross pencils with their irritable and autocratic art teacher. Determined to prove that comic books can be art, the two labor on such creations as "Einstein Man" — who with his amazing powers of relativity can transcend time and space — and "Manatee Man" — whose adventures sounded good but end up looking like "Pottery Barn in the Everglades." Discouraged, but not beaten, the artists receive a boost from none other than Superman himself, who reminds them of an important criteria for art — that it express something! Their resultant collaboration, set in a high school art classroom, is a tour de force that wows the town. Hit Those Keys rating: 5/5 stars.

The playwright's parents were pleased to observe their other offspring, Marian Firke, in several dramatic roles on the theatrical evenings in question, including a cameo as a fellow student artist in "Bang!", The Waitress and The Police Officer in another student play, and a strident and judgmental Rhyming Parent in "Robin and the Robin." On the 28th and 30th of July, the young chanteuse also charmed audiences with her appearance as Lucy (in excerpts of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"), getting warm applause for her masterful, operatic rendition of "Schroeder." Hit Those Keys rating: 5/5 stars. Fancy that.

In other news, 19-month twin nephews took over the household this week and entertained us all with demonstrations of their rapid acquisition of language and motor skills. We were honored to be considered as "benchies" (adventures) and accurately identified by our real names.

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