Here's Burningbird at the top of her form, on links, gender, hardwiring, all that good stuff.

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"Misunderestimated" and more

Good stuff around and about, on the perennial topic of "where are the women?": at misbehaving.net here and also here, pointing to Burningbird and HelenJane. Tons of cross-references in these, and interesting conversations as you dig into each.

I recently realized that I have mellowed considerably on the topic of being underestimated. (Or to borrow from Mr. Bush, "misunderestimated".) It no longer enrages me, rather I find myself often privately amused that the underestimating party hasn't bothered to dig deeper.

I'm speculating that this is one of the gracenotes of a woman's middle age (or middle age generally), along with an indifference to fashion.

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