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Why Myths Still Matter

On a topic that has enduring interest for me, Laura Miller has this piece in Salon on "Why Myths Still Matter." Includes some discussion of Margaret Atwood's latest work, The Penelopiad, which I was fortunate enough to hear her speak of, in part, at the Chicago Humanities Fest a few weekends ago.

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Musing on the Mix

Fun article in the Sunday Trib, musing on the easy-to-burn mix CD versus the compile-in-real-time mix tape:

"You used to feel there was a real act of devotion in creating it that just isn't there anymore."

—Author and music nut Nick Hornby on mix tapes being taken over by mix CDs.

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Peace in the Season

I have a lot of catching up to do here, but first...

Tis the season, people. As holidays of many faiths approach, let's think about good causes:

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