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On my iPod

Rob Thomas' solo effort, Something to Be.

It's been biffed a bit critically, the suggestion being that he poses in some of the tunes, but I find it for the most part a good extension of the sound that he showed us when he collaborated with Santana on Smooth.

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Nonsensical Statement Involving Plankton

From Liz Lawley:

laughing out loud
Via Weez, a wonderful collection of IRC conversations guaranteed to make geeks fall on the floor and roll around laughing.

Aside from the obvious fact that these conversations are funny, you could work them as a springboard for a blockbusting exercise.

For example: write a dialogue or a narrative wherein someone makes a "nonsensical statement involving plankton" or even uses the phrase wholesale. I mean it: start writing.

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Tinderbox on a white charger

I've been working on a massive client site redesign since late summer and the site has of necessity been continually updated in its old form during the time I've been fussing with the new one (not yet online, but soon, soon, we hope).

Said client has been emailing me notes about her changes as she goes along, and where practical I've updated my local copies and where it didn't make sense to do that I've put the email in a to-do-later folder.

Now I'm ready to deal with those to-do-laters and found that Tinderbox could help me retain some measure of sanity in the process.

Here's how:

1) I dragged all the client's emails into a new tinderbox file. At first I thought I had to highlight and drag just the text, but it turns out that you can drag an email from the mailbox list and you get the email's subject as the title of the note along with the full contents. Sweet.

2) Even a cursory glance at these notes tells me that the client has made multiple changes to some of the same pages. I don't want to do these piecemeal, rather I want to gather all the notes that reference a specific page together and make all the changes at once--or even recapture the entire page and reconvert it to the new site template, if that seems the best course. What I need is an agent. Actually, lots of agent. Agents told to search for notes with text or names containing "/wild/tinderbox/specificnamegoeshere.htm".

This is working beautifully--I haven't been doing this for very long and I already can tell which pages have amassed the most changes. I have a *smart* master checklist that didn't take very long to create.

This is not advanced Tinderboxing by any means, and that's the point of blogging this. I didn't set out to devise a fancy Tbox thingy. I didn't have a plan or a design. I just had a need, thought Tinderbox might be useful, and plunged in. It was, as I expected, rather easy to set up and is working better than the clunky (and now out-of-date) master checklist I had started to amass in TextEdit a few weeks back.

At some point, I'll want an agent to tell me if I've connected with all the change emails in the file. An agent to look for notes that have been gathered by agents, or those that haven't. I'm not sure how I'll do this; I don't know what to tell the agent to look for, exactly. But I suspect I'll figure it out. Something like stamping all the emails with a color and having the agents change the color when they gather them. Then I could search for notes whose color had kept the default. Something like that....

Thanks, Mark.

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CNN site hijacked

I can't find any mention on line of this yet, but someone has hijacked the CNN.com site--it redirects to one of those phoney search sites that only pull up ads when you enter a search string. April Fools?

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