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Okay, this is cool

Via Jeffrey at Tinctoris, there's a neat little app called "Sciral Consistency" (Sciral is pronounced starting like "science" and ending like "spiral") that just does one simple thing, track semi-regular tasks. Let's see if it helps this easily distracted procrastinator stay on task.

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Art Attack

I have to admire this fellow Banksy. Vandalism, shmandalism. He recently donned a false beard and trenchcoat and boldly installed his own works in four major New York museums. Click through here to see the images. I can't decide if the discount soup can or the insect (scientific name "withus oragainstus") is my favorite.

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What Else is Next to My Bed

Before we signed a contract to buy our house, my daughter called my daily perusal of the real estate listings "my second job."

Judging by the pile of shelter magazines and decorating tomes next to my bed, my new second job is trying to imagine every inch of the new space.

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Beginning to Pack

Well, since we've hit the three-months-to-moving mark, I've begun packing some things away. Don's Bullwinkle collection. All the books I've read in the past year, the ones I'm not as likely to read again in the next little bit....

Which forced a little proactivity. I have a stack of books by the bed now that I either haven't finished or haven't read yet and would like to dip into:


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Here's Burningbird at the top of her form, on links, gender, hardwiring, all that good stuff.

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blogged at Apartment Therapy

A comment I made in an open thread at Apartment Therapy has resurfaced as a quote in this featurette on the blog. Someone else has noticed I can do flowers. I feel special.

I first became aware of this site because I saw Maxwell on an episode of Mission Organization, a show I confess I'm addicted to. I was entertained by the designer's title, "apartment therapist" and Googled it, to see if it was in fact the name of a business. Which shows the power of a good name. The business and blog are centered on NYC, so I can't really take advantage of the local shopping tips (especially not after the move to Chicago, which is looming closer and closer), but I shall keep clicking by for the amusing design commentaries.

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More Chaos/Entropy

The thread on Staying Organized over at Doug Bowman's Stopdesign yielded a few worthy titles to one walking the chaos/entropy balance beam:

The Midnight Disease takes a good look at hypergraphia and how it might pertain to it's evil twin writer's block.


ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life; title pretty much sums it up. (I actually found this one from a link to one of the authors, Judith Kolberg..., which turns up as a "you may also be interested in" if you bring up Getting Things Done at Amazon.)

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chaos and entropy

There's a discussion of organization and working methods over at Doug Bowman's Stopdesign, a perennial topic here and elsewhere.

It seems a fine spring-cleaning sort of concern.

Among the comments in Doug's thread, I particularly liked and identified with this one. In my own experience, making a mess and cleaning it up are both necessary parts of the process.

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