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Persephone coming out of the underworld. It's early, but it feels like I've been underground so long.

As I wait for the new PB to arrive, I'm switching back and forth between the desktop and the laptop I've been using for the past n years. I feel a bit like the main character in THE GOLDEN NOTEBOOK, who tries to tame chaos by separating all her projects and lives and feelings into different notebooks and then in a wonderful kind of breakdown merges them all into the one, golden, notebook. Only in this case, the notebook will be aluminum. ; P

That's a bit hyperbolic for what's going on here, but I do feel a pressure to unify and coalesce, which is coinciding with some sort of seasonal re-emergence. I'm ahead of the groundhog this year, which is unusual.

We start house-hunting in a week, not incidentally. I'm hoping we find something we like and make an offer. That way, this anticipation which has all but paralysed me will have a point, a focus. Instead of thinking of all that needs to be sorted and packed, I can actually begin sorting and packing. That will be a comfort.

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