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"Misunderestimated" and more

Good stuff around and about, on the perennial topic of "where are the women?": at misbehaving.net here and also here, pointing to Burningbird and HelenJane. Tons of cross-references in these, and interesting conversations as you dig into each.

I recently realized that I have mellowed considerably on the topic of being underestimated. (Or to borrow from Mr. Bush, "misunderestimated".) It no longer enrages me, rather I find myself often privately amused that the underestimating party hasn't bothered to dig deeper.

I'm speculating that this is one of the gracenotes of a woman's middle age (or middle age generally), along with an indifference to fashion.

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I like that. I think the very best thing about aging is the acceptance of self. But it is more -- I think we no longer "misunderestimate" ourselves either... I know that my worries on my self often were caused by my thoughts that I *COULDN'T* do X or Y... but really, that was awfully shallow of me to obsess about. The point is that the big patterns of my life underscore my values, and those who can't see that (even me) are definitely just not looking very hard.

Love you! M

Posted by: Martha at January 2, 2005 12:44 PM

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