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My Left Foot

A week ago, I badly sprained my left ankle. I must never before sprained any of my joints—remarkable for one so not-young—because "sprained" does not sound bad enough for the way this injury has felt.

At the time I did it, stepping backwards (while looking for a neighbor's hidden key) off a short flight of steps into a hole in the sidewalk I hadn't noticed until it devoured my foot and caused me to twist and fall, I sincerely thought I had broken it.

"Ow and damn and ow and shit and ow," I may have said. And, "Ow, oh, help, ow!"

Don wasn't far away, fortunately, and I stayed put where I was while we inpected at my left foot. The ankle already sported a swelling, not quite so large as a tennis ball, but larger than a golf ball. "Ow," I said to it. Having children hurt worse, but there were babies to admire afterwards. Bonking my forehead on a beam in the attic hurt worse, but for less time. Most other things that have happened to me have hurt far less. This is the kind of hurt that makes you breathe in a series of hisses. Ow and damn and ow and shit and ow. But not broken, according to whoever read the X-rays at the hospital, if such callow personages can be trusted.

Anyway, this has been a week of watching my left foot. The first night it was mainly grossly puffy, with slightly jaundiced toes. By the end of day two, the swelling had subsided a little, and the foot had developed a corpse-blue tinge. On the third day I could see angry red striations up the back of my heel and around the area where the shin bones cap the ankle bone. The foot developed a dark purple stripe--like a high tide mark where the top of the foot merges into the sole. Yesterday it was less corpse-blue and more of a sickly aqua. Today it is gray, with a new yellow swelling like the throat of a bullfrog.

Yes, I've stayed off it. "What an excuse to write!" Pah. I used to like writing in bed. Shudder.

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Still Here

If you've been with me this far, you've grown used to unannounced breaks in the flow of posts. Nothing terrible happened this time around; life was rich, full, hectic.

But, in addition, I built up obstacles to posting, like:

  • I really should get the new design up first
  • I really should have something interesting to say
  • I really should streamline my workflow to make posting more automated

Nothing like a should to scare away any chance of doing good work.

July finds me with a manuscript to tweak and send to a generous editor who offered to read it at home. (Yes, that means the Nordstrom Contest was a nope, but I've rallied.)

July also finds me staring at about six weeks of construction and kerfuffle which will first render the kitchen off limits, and then the bathrooms. While the kitchen we can work around, since the dining hall is open for summer school, the bathroom lack will force us to decamp. I'm hoping that before school resumes in the fall we'll be cooking and showering in spiffy new spaces.

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