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"The IE Factor"

I wish I'd read this when I was calculating how long my last site would take me to debug.

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A headache sounds trivial, but when you live in your head, work in your head, a headache is like a broken wrist to a violin player.

I'm trying to eke out some sort of concrete proof that I worked today, but without much success.

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Stroke, stroke

Hon, the last thing you said
doesn't make sense.
You've got me worried.
I'm sure your face isn't meant
to go slack and droop that way.
Take my hand, yes this one.
Give it squeeze.
It's okay, I know you can't.
I'm dialing for help now.

They haven't heard of you yet
at the hospital. Our children
are scared. He can't sit
still and she wants to sob.

They let me in but Curtain Area Three
is empty. Oh, you're getting a scan.
The doctor buttonholes me in the hall;
just for a minute I think he has bad news.
How young he is, so sure he knows everything.
He doesn't know you.

There you are. You are you, except
for half your smile, and all
that wire and tubing.
When I take your hand, you push back.
You push back.

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Getting back in gear

We continue to be cautious in our optimism as Don's quick recovery from his stroke seems more real and dependable day by day.

I had planned to use the downtime of our winter vacation to retool and rethink some things for Hit Those Keys, but for obvious reasons that didn't happen.

I am fairly certain I am going to discontinue offering Basics in it's current form. Even with my tweaking, the number of people who don't finish seems very high. I suspect all independent studies carry that risk, that people will lose interest or quit when it gets challenging, but it doesn't sit well with me.

In the car to get M from swim practice yesterday all of "what shall I offer instead" unfolded before me like a trick highway in a cartoon. Today, that clear vision is playing hide and seek with me and I will need a fairly persistent brainstorm session to tease the details back out where I can see what to do with them.

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On Tinderbox

Found this by following a link from the Tinderbox Wiki:

It was only when I saw Tinderbox in the context of the Web that I got it. Notes were like web pages or parts of web pages. Agents are like Google. Links went outside my pages (weblinks) or between my pages. Tinderbox was a self contained website that I could translate into HTML via templates. Word presents itself as a typewriter metaphor. Excel is a spreadsheet. We have appointment book and address book metaphors. The internet has been around long enough that a program can use it as a metaphor.

From James Vornov.

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Domain mapping temporarily suspended

Well, through no fault of TypePad's, my domain mapping experiment didn't work well enough to satisfy me. Tip for personnel at Network Solutions: respond to requests for customer support.

Plan to try again after I've changed registrars.

In the meantime, I'm busy completing some long overdue harddrive and paper-file housekeeping. With Don still very easily tired since his stroke, I'm sticking close to him and working on what can be picked up and put down without huge mental effort.

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yeah, testing!

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How about now?

Still tweaking and waiting for tweaks to propagate...

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DNS Limbo

Impatient me, I still don't see my weblog pointing where it ought.

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domain being remapped...

...expect wonkiness.

later... still wonky...

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2004 here (whew!)

The end of 2003 was quite something, with some happenings preferably not to be repeated ever, ever again, like:

  • Both dogs getting skunked on the 23rd...
  • Don having a stroke on the 26th...

Don, thank goodness, is recovering. The dogs, after about 6 washings, still smell skunky.

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