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We Wish You a Skunky Christmas

Number of degrees over the average temp. for this area on 12/24/03: 10 (Fahrenheit).

Number of hours after the usual time for their "last out" of the night that our dogs were, in fact, let out on 12/24/03: 1

Number of people in our household who believed skunks hibernate in winter: 4.

Number of the top ten results of a Google search "skunks hibernate" that corroborate this factoid: 4.

Number of the top ten results that state that skunks "are not true hibernators" and sometimes wake up in warmer weather: 6.

Number of skunks in this part of New England who concur with the Google results: at least 1.

Number of dogs skunked: 2.

Number of dogs who sprinted past the unwary homeowner and bolted upstairs and rolled in our bed: 1.

Average number of baths had by our dogs in a typical month: 2.

Actual number of baths had by our dogs in December: 8.

Actual number of baths had by our dogs in the past two days: 8.

Number of bottles of peroxide needed to deskunkify two dogs: 3.

Product voted "best stuff on earth" by yours truly: "Smells Begone."

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Hey! Check out The Weekly Amuser

The author and I are still tweaking the design, but check out The Weekly Amuser.

This is my first custom design for a fellow TypePad user.

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About Time

I have been busy. Busy with the children: their Halloween, their school lives, their exciting, growing-up selves. Ben wrote a new screenplay; Mare has the lead in Guys and Dolls. We've all had something icky and flulike.

Busy turning 45, thinking about what that means, if it means anything, wondering what I'll be when I grow up.

Busy making websites, especially: the author site for Nancy Werlin

Busy with our host girls, who get to go home to their families later this week.

Busy getting ready for the holidays:  acquiring (and teching) two truly lovely white i-Secrets, wrapping the porch pillars with garlands, wrestling with the tree and its lights. Wondering about the meaning of the holiday to agnostic me.

Busy with things that seem too mundane to tell you, busy with things too private and inward to tell you.

Busy. Dishes. Wishes.

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Snowy and Sick

We're heading into big snowstorm #2 for this area, with 3.5 of us down for the count with some sort of flu, ick, infection, grippe, thingie. I say 3.5 instead of 4 because both Don and I are keeping about .25 of ourselves above the mat, managing the stuff that must be managed.

Reception for Nancy's new site has been marvelous, and I'm hoping to be able to announce changes to a fellow TypePadder's site within a week or so. The state of the family will determine how much time I can spend....

On the rare possibility that some of my Dramatica clients read here, I haven't forgotten you! Email me privately if you have concerns about Basics or Unbound.

As for my mentoring clients, you keep me looking forward to work every day. I love reading what you're up to.

Web design clients, whoopee! I'm so thrilled with the work that's coming in. Keep it coming!

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launched at last

I'm pleased to announce that


is launched at last.

Happy dance.

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