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Wordy, Wordless

Apparently, that Springsteen concert left me much more speechless than I realized! It hasn't seemed so long since I posted here, but, but by blog measurements, it's an eternity.

I think my focus on graphic design over the past weeks must account for the silence. Something toggles in my consciousness--wordy to wordless--and my friends on the wordy end of the spectrum start to wonder what's wrong.

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The Shoemaker's Child

Well, Dramatica Unbound is going to have to languish a few more weeks before I launch it. Typical shoemaker's children stuff: paying work getting in the way of personal work. I don't mind too much--the paying work I've been doing lately has been so interesting--but I hate letting even a soft deadline go.

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Promised screenshot

/wild/2003/10/nw_screen.jpg Here's the screenshot of the author site I've been working on. Still changes to make, but it gives an idea of the overall look.

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A Friday that feels like a Friday

At last! A Friday where I have finished what I needed to do this week. Ahhhhh.

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Demo launched

Well I coded and coded and coded and designed and designed and designed. And I uploaded the demo for an important client website an hour under deadline. Whew! When I get through a pile of work I've been neglecting on behalf of this project, I'll try to post some screenshots. I'm very pleased with it.

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