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Still tweaking

Still tweaking behind the scenes. I somehow managed to delete half a stylesheet while making a small change. Managed to reproduce this mistake several times, in fact, so there's something a little tricky about the advanced template editing publish and save options...

(Or maybe a little coding knowledge is a dangerous thing...)

Right now I think it's safest to lift the entire stylesheet out of the editing field, plock it down in a text editor, input the changes, and then copy the whole chunk back into the text editing window. That way the styles below the insertion point don't go missing. (I figure I must have somehow highlighted below the insertion point by mistake, but the fact that I did this several times in an identical fashion makes me wonder if I'm the only one kludging up their stylesheets in this fashion...)

I've also been doing similar tweaking behind the scenes on my course sites. I'm becoming more confident that I can make an almost seamless meld between the static pages on my core site and the dynamic pages with TypePad. This pleases me.

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