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And NN4 is now treated kindly

My husband and I occasionally host events for the board of trustees. One member of the board is disabled. I can be sure that on the morning of our party, the grounds crew will have installed a ramp to make our front door accessible. The rest of the year the ramp is in storage because the people who make such decisions think it doesn't look pretty enough to be in place all the time. To the bemused observer, it looks like a lot of trouble to go through, for one party guest.

Don't get me wrong. It is absolutely right for the ramp to appear. Not only that: I would be content to have it remain year round, ugly as it is (and it really is butt-ugly) because accessibility should be there, always, all the time.

I like the fact that TypePad is standards compliant and accessible all the time. But I notice that the standard stylesheets look pretty bad in Netscape 4. I know Netscape 4 is an eccentric visitor, who only comes to dinner once a year, but I'd like that trip up my ramp to be smooth. Very smooth.

Which is to say, I have my Netscape 4 stylesheet working (I think). I haven't fully smerged all the styles, but the important things work. Rah.

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Well, having said that I had treated NN4 kindly, I found all sorts of mistakes and spent the last two days re-tweaking.

Discoveries: N4.7 hates the default character set for typepad. I substituted another and it still validates as xhtml 1.0, but Netscape doesn't throw fits.

There are still some other issues that don't come up on standard hitthosekeys sites but do on typepad sites. So it's something in the MT template codes or some of the include styles. More tweakage!!!

Posted by: lisa at August 27, 2003 08:45 AM

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