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  • Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen. --Willa Cather


I am absolutely sure that 15% of the trash this country produces is starburst wrappers

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oi oi oi

nothing happened today. Or...
EVERYTHING happened today!!!!!

you make up whatever happened to me, since im too lazy to update this blog
submit your ideas
all 3 of you
mom doesn't count


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Comin' Straight Outta...wallingford

hi, posting again.
today, i got my start with mr tines, of the choate arts department. its going tot be great in the program, being able to write all these plays...and i get to read some sweet ones too. "Our Town" is the first one. I saw a pretty movie about a school in compton, ca, where they put on the play as their first theatrical presentation. pretty cool, check it out: "OT: Our Town"

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Im Back

Hi guys, im back. sorry it took so long, i lost my username, and evidently my computer was out of date (the apple lisa evidently has been out of date for 15 years- the apple store sonuvabitch lied to me...) anyway, here is what has happened to me:
I have started school at choate. every day is a surreal mass of twirling images and the quote scrawled on the bathroom wall in the hill house basement says. even the vandals at choate are fucking genius. christ.
meeting cool people, hearing cool music, getting pissed at Bush. basically the same, on a larger scale.
may start a band with my new friend ilias. put us in the same room, and it's like a planet exploded. we are going to be better than the beatles, the rolling stones, the temptations, the who and led zeppelin combined.
im also gonna be able to write at choate, in the arts program.
good week.
NOEL GALLAGHER: You're a dirty wanker!
LIAM GALLAGHER: Shut up and play the G chord, you bloody tosser!
NOEL GALLAGHER: Go shove your guitar up your jaxxy.
(the two brothers fight in a sped up, benny hill style fashion)

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Ch-Check It Out

Hello, again. As many of my music hipster friends and I know, the current fad is remixing Jay-Z's Black Album with other songs, creating albums in every shade of the rainbow. The most popular are the Grey Album (Jay-Z and the Beatles' White Album) and the Double Black Album (Jay-Z with Metallica's Black Album.) The new one is Weezer's Blue album, thus making the Black and Blue album for all you keeping score. Sgt. Pepper's its not, but its great that "Oooweeoo, I look just like Buddy Holly" and "I've got 99 problems but the bitch ain't one" in the same song. Go now, my bitches.

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